Our Fundraising Progress

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Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of Santhosa Samsara! Our burden is to touch the lives of abused, neglected and disadvantaged children. Your support makes that happen!

Who Are We?

The Santhosa Samsara Social Charitable Trust (‘One Joyful Family’) is an NGO dedicated to uplifting and training the younger generation and equipping safe adults to do the same. From its inception in 2009 the trust has grown rapidly and expanded its reach based on the ever-increasing need. What started as a home for children from hard places has grown into an organization that works in multiple areas in this space, countering issues like a lack of access to education, poverty and most recently child abuse and trauma.

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What is the Project?


The Child Healing Centre (CHC)

The numbers associated with Child Abuse and Trauma is both alarming and heart-breaking. Despite this, there are hardly any institutions in the nation focused on providing children that have experienced such trauma with care. The CHC, a wing of Santhosa Samsara, was formed to remedy this. Our goals at the centre are to:

  • Provide professional trauma care for children that have experienced trauma.
  • Generate awareness about the Impact of Trauma on children and the reality of Child Abuse.
  • Train and Empower individuals and institutions to intervene in this space.
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Aquatic Therapy Pool – Emotional Trauma Care Centre

We are currently building a state-of-the-art Emotional Trauma Care Centre in Bangalore, the construction of which is well underway. It’s first phase is scheduled to complete and be inaugurated by January, 2020. One of the trauma care tools that we will be using at the Centre is our Aquatic Therapy Pool.

The use of water for healing and therapeutic purposes has been well established for centuries and off late there has been a growing use of treatments and exercises performed in water. Aquatic Therapy has shown to be helpful in physical rehabilitation as well as in providing both emotional and therapeutic benefit, having been particularly used as therapy for PTSD patients.

At the Centre we will be using the pool as a means of therapy for children that have experienced trauma.

Some of the features of the Pool and how it will be used are:
  • The pool will be temperature controlled in order to provide specific therapeutic treatments.
  • The pool will be kept to the highest safety standards and the max. depth of the pool will be at 4ft.
  • The pool will be indoors to ensure a safe and secure environment.
  • Theraplay toys and strategies will be incorporated in the sessions.
  • Our therapists will conduct, and be in constant attendance during, the aquatic therapy sessions.

What You Can Do!

Thank you for taking the time to read through and understand what we do. We have successfully raised most of the funds required for the first phase of the Emotional Trauma Care Centre. The Aquatic Therapy Pool is one of the final elements of this phase that we still need funds for. The amount required is 12 Lakhs.

All that we’ve been able to do for children across India has been because of the support of individuals like you. We would be incredibly grateful if you are able to stand with us at this time. Every little bit counts. Also, whether or not you’re able to support us financially at this moment, please do spread the word!


Become A Santhosa Samsara Fundraiser!

If you feel specially burdened about touching the lives of children who have gone through trauma and want to support what we do, you can help raise funds for the project!

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