Father’s Nest

Expected Start Date: 2020
The Vision

The Father's Nest is being built into a Centre that will host young adults (age 18+yrs.) who have been rescued from difficult situations or are transitioning from orphanages or homes. The Centre will host these young individuals for periods ranging from 3 months to 5 years, during which time they will be taught life-skills, given foundations and go through holistic character development. For those who have experienced trauma, we would also provide them with emotional trauma care.

This model that we are going to use has been developed over a decade, the fruits of which have been seen in young individuals who were rescued and have stayed with the Santhosa Samsara Family. We also plan to partner with existing rescue homes and share our resources and the framework that we use to maximize its impact on the lives of many.

We have identified a few young adults who are keen to be a part of the programme. We intend to welcome our first group of youngsters by May 2020, once the infrastructure is in place.

The Centre is currently being built alongside our Emotional Trauma Care Centre in Bangalore.