Our Vision

Impact lives, society, the nation and ultimately our future through ‘Santhosa Samsara’.

1. To reach and rescue the hurting and the abused and to deal with emotional Trauma both professionally and passionately.
2. To provide a family to orphans along with a high quality education, heart to heart counseling, relevant career guidance and much more.
3. To help in the relief and rehabilitation of destitute underprivileged children including the sick, the disabled and children with special needs as well as orphans and victims of natural disasters.
4. To impact lives on a long term basis through concessional education, stipends, medals, prizes and monetary aid to help and encourage deserving students.
5. To train, equip and motivate young people by organizing and conducting lectures, seminars, symposia, conventions, conferences, workshops and retreats emphasizing their need for relief and development of their physical, social, intellectual and economic well-being.
6. To cooperate with government and other agencies in carrying out charitable and relief work in relevant contexts.

We believe in partnerships. We are ready. Are you?


George Ebenezer

Manju George

George Ebenezer Vincent and his wife Manju George are the founders and visionaries of ‘Santhosa Samsara’. They have a burden and an unique calling in their hearts for the destitute, abused neglected and orphaned children. Their desire and prayer is that they will not make an ‘Orphanage’ out of orphans but instead journey with them to help them make a family to bless this society and the nation. Presently they foster nine orphan children who are from hard places. These nine children varying in age from 11 - 16 are given genuine love, proper care, quality shelter and fine education. Jedidiah, (8 yrs old), their biological son lives with them and loves his brothers and sisters in the family. For this reason they have named their family ‘Santhosa Samsara’ which means ‘One Joyful Family’ in the Kannada language. Santhosa Samsara began in 2009.

George Ebenezer Vincent, is also the CEO of Beyond Barriers, an organization fully devoted to serving children and teenagers. For more information visit:  www.beyondbarriers.net



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