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    You are welcome to visit our family. So, What can you do?

  • 1. You can sponsor a child.

    2. You can partner with us and organize an orphan event to create awareness.

    3. You can sponsor one evening’s dinner and have dinner along with our family.

    4. You can come on a holiday and lead our children in arts and crafts or games.

    5. You can come and just hang out with our family during fun times that we organize during holidays.

    6. You can volunteer to come and help our kids with homework and assignments on a regular basis.

    Whoa! Whoa! You can do much more!

  • Kindly contact us.

  • Our Present Location:

  • #131, 8th Cross BDS Nagar,

  • Kothanur, Bengaluru - 560077

  • Karnataka, India.

  • E-Mail Address:

  • santhosasamsara@gmail.com

  • Phone Numbers:

  • +91 94490 52080 , +91 99001 62080.

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