A place where the abused, neglected and rejected will be discipled in the ways of life and mentored with strategic skills sets.

Studies show there are somewhere around 33 million orphans in India - children who have suffered from loss, abuse, abandonment, exploitation and are left vulnerable and orphaned. The Trauma Center being proposed for Bangalore will be a place of healing for children such as these and for the families who care for them.
It will promote best practice, evidence-based knowledge and skills in working with vulnerable, exploited and orphaned children and their families. Caregivers, Social Workers, Parents and other Practitioners from across the country will have a place to come for learning. Church programs will be strengthened, government agencies will become informed, schools will receive new ideas for working with traumatized children - and children will be the recipient of healing strategies to reduce the impact of the psychological trauma they have experienced. Help us set up this place. For more details please visit: http://www.childhealingcentre.in/.

Father’s Nest (Phase 1)

Architects Rendering of Phase 1

For donors in the United States Of America - Kindly send your donations to GLOBAL NETWORK OF INDEPENDENT MISSIONS which is a 501 (c) (3) and get your tax deductions. http://globalnim.org/. The money given will reach 'Santhosa Samsara' for its projects. Gifts given through GNIM for SS should be earmarked as "for Santhosa Samsara".

1. We want to support the education of poor children and create family care hostels where they are truly loved and cared for. We call it ‘Compassion Connect ‘.

2. Many NGO’s are approaching us to train their staff. The biggest challenge to many NGO’s across India is to find the right people. We envision starting a ’Discipleship Program’ (3 to 6 months) where called and gifted young people are inspired, challenged and equipped to serve in these NGO contexts. This is a big need in India right now.

3. There are approximately 350 girls trafficked each month in India. We envision rescuing these girls, connecting them with families and supporting their education.

We strongly believe that at the present time we are to focus on expanding our operation. We currently have five large organizations who share our vision and want to partner with us on different fronts. In 2014, George Ebenezer, the founder of Santhosa Samsara, was invited to Chicago by the ‘Christian Alliance For Orphans’ to present a paper on the best practices to follow in orphan care. But before we can move ahead with expansion we need to establish a proper facility here in Bangalore that will serve not only as a base but also a training facility. We have already purchased a piece of land for this purpose and now looking forward to build our facility in order to move forward with the vision.