Santhosa Samsara Reach Out

Year Established: 2011

Santhosa Samsara Reach Out (SS Reach Out) was set up to reach out to kids who are from difficult or disadvantaged backgrounds. At SS Reach Out, we have conducted a number of programs which include:

  • Camp Precious: Intervention Camps for teenagers from orphanages and foster homes. Many of these teenagers have been affected by childhood trauma. At these camps we intervene in the lives of the teenagers, bringing in affirmation and celebrate who they are.
  • Language Programs: We used LetterLand (a story-based phonic approach) to teach English to children of local laborers.
  • Gifting Programs: We have given supplies and toys to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We have reached out to over 5000 children and teenagers,
in five different states of India.

Looking Ahead

We don’t want any child to feel neglected or forgotten. We plan to expand the work of SS Reach Out in the future by:

  • Creating a year-long program for the campers that attended Camp Precious 2019. We plan to visit their institutions and have sessions which will be an extension of what we do at camp.
  • Expanding the reach of our intervention camps which have thus far been focused on Karnataka. We plan to move into other states of India.
  • Conducting intervention camps for children as well. Our team is currently training and preparing for this.
  • Sustaining and expanding our gifting program which currently reaches 500-700 children every year.
Stories of Change: The Dress

During one of the gifting programs that SS Reach Out had conducted, a girl received a new dress as one of her gifts. The next day George had found out that the girl had slept through the night with the new dress draped on her face. When he casually inquired why she had done that, the girl told George that the dress was the first new piece of clothing that she had ever owned and that she wanted to sleep with the new scent of the cloth. The incident was imprinted in his memory and reinforced the importance of the program.

Six years later, when George was conducting a program, he happened to meet the same girl again. She, who had now completed her college studies, came to him holding the same dress that she had received all those years ago. Joking about how the dress didn’t fit her all that well now, she explained how she still treasures it and always will.

The incident went to show how a small gift or gesture could make such a difference in a child’s life. At SS Reach Out, we hope to make such an impact on as many young lives as we can.