Santhosa Samsara Sponsorship

Year Established: 2014

As the name suggests, Santhosa Samsara Sponsorship (SS Sponsorship) is a sponsorship program for children who have limited means or are from underprivileged backgrounds. At Santhosa Samsara, we provide these children with financial aid for their education. We cover their admission fees for an entire academic year along with the books and other supplies they will need.


We have supported a total of 120 children in a few states across India.

Looking Ahead

Every child should be able to reach for their dreams. We want to expand this program and sponsor the education of many more children. For now, we plan to support the education of 100 children over the next two years.

Stories of Change: No Real Option?

A couple who were physically challenged visited George and Manju at their home, asking them to adopt their children. They were unable to provide their children with the life they wanted for them and thought the SS Family would give them a better future. When George informed them that they don’t want to separate children from their parents, the couple were adamant and willing to go to extreme lengths to see their children adopted into the family.

George and Manju were heart-broken seeing the desperation of the parents and decided to support them. They went and visited the couple at their home and informed them that the trust was ready to support the children and sponsor their education. The couple were overjoyed and gratefully mentioned that this was their hearts desire, but a lack of options had forced them to be desperate and look to send their children away.

At Santhosa Samsara Sponsorship, we don’t want any child to think that they have no real option. We are dedicated to this mission.